Coir pith, a spongy material that binds the coir fiber in the husk, is exclusively used as a pure substrate for different crops or as a component in potting soil mixes.

CocoGrow specializes in the production of propagation grade cocos. Our fairly aged brown cocos are homogeneous, medium structured with low fiber and reasonably high air content. Our daily production capacity is 16m3. CocoGrow is setting up buffering infrastructure and aims to start buffering in 2023.

Technical specifications

High EC 2-4 mS/cm
6mm sieved
Packaging:160Litres per bag

We are proud to raise millions of young plants annually through our propagation partners.


  • Paperpots

    Paperpots are biodegradable plastic-free propagation systems suitable for  production of plants in vitro or cuttings such as ornamental, herbs, forestry etc. By optimizing air circulation they promote faster and healthier rooting. Grow smarter and eliminate plant root shock with Ellepots available in 15mm,20mm,48mm.

  • Vegetable and fruit seedlings

    Today a kilo of tomato seeds is more expensive than a kilo of gold. Soiless plant raising in trays  is more viable than the traditional method of seedling raising in soil nursery beds.

  • Potato seed production

    In Kenya, potato is the second most important food crop after maize, grown by 800,000 small-scale farmers. Approximately 25000-30000 hectares of potatoes are grown annually. Because potato has a lower multiplication rate than grain, it can take up to 10years to produce enough seed potatoes of a new variety for a sufficient number of farmers. The production of quality planting material is greatly needed to sustain the food system. Using rooted cuttings from potato plants as starting material, potato mini-tubers( seeds) are multiplied in coir pith.


High Aeration


Excellent Drainage